Thank you for your interest in Chub Cay! Please read through our frequently asked questions. If you have any further inquires, feel free to reach out to us!

Chub Cay is essentially its own city. We generate our own electricity, make our own water, and are responsible for every last detail of the island, including minor things such as making our own street signs! Because of this, we may experience some minor hiccups during your stay. We appreciate your patience as we strive to keep Chub Cay in all of its natural beauty. 

How do we get from the airport to the Clubhouse?

  • We offer complimentary transportation. Call our front desk at (786)209-0025 to arrange a ride. Arriving by boat? Radio channel 68 for transport to customs. Don't forget to take one of our complimentary island tours to see all of Chub Cay!

Where are the Chub Cay employees from?

  • The majority of our staff are originally from Nassau and other out-islands of the Bahamas. As a token of our appreciation, and in understanding that they leave their family and friends behind to work on Chub Cay, we provide room and board to all employees staff on island.

Are the Villas serviced by housekeeping daily?

  • Due to limited staffing, we do not service villas daily. If you are in need of additional towels, bedding, or toiletries, please call the front desk from your in-villa phone (ext. 1000). If you would like your villa lightly cleaned, we offer this additional service at $25 per cleaning. You can opt-in for this service when booking online

Do you make your own power?

  • Chub Cay makes all of our own electricity from two diesel generators, We have a highly-skilled power plant staff on island at all times, but sometimes the power will go out. This typically lasts for no more than 30 minutes, and we will notify you as best as we can if we foresee this happening. We appreciate your patience when incurring power issues. 

Do you make your own water?

  • Chub Cay has an on-site reverse osmosis water system. This includes treating and processing all of our own sewage. In the event that general maintenance has to be performed on the water system, water may be temporarily shut off. Unless the repair is urgent, we typically perform these measures in the late hours of the night to avoid any interference with normal operations. 

Do you have high-speed internet?

  • We have complimentary internet accessible island-wide. Our WiFi signal originates in Nassau. Because of this, there may be instances in which the internet goes out. 

What are your cancellation policies?

  • We currently offer several different cancellation policies for both hotel and marina reservations to provide different pricing options.  For reservations of more than two hotel rooms, cabanas, villas or slips, cancellation policies may be more strict, requiring a minimum of 14 day notice for a refund of the deposit. 

Do you provide Catch'n'Cook services?

  • Bring your freshly caught fish to the Clubhouse Restaurant by 6 p.m. We will prepare it blackened, grilled or fried individually plated or family style with sides. Fish must be cleaned and portioned unless whole fish is preferred. 

Appointments are necessary to tour the island as prospective members or to view real estate listings.

  • Please call the front desk at (786)209-0025 or email to make an appointment.

Can I book using other platforms?

  • Reservations created directly through our website or other verified platforms (i.e. AirBnB, Expedia and are accepted. Bookings made through other sites or through private home/slip owners are not accepted. No usage of the facilities will be allowed. Confirmation number is required upon check-in to procure your reservation.